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Monday, March 16, 2015

Brothers and sisters

To Mowgli and Ponyo, with love from Amma. 

Children around the world, oh children.
Before it's too late listen !

If you have a sibling, hold on to them tight.
For in life you will find no greater delight.

Though they may seem like the biggest ever nuisance
Though they may do most things contrary to good reason

They may fight you tooth and nail for exactly just that
They may just be the most precocious little brats

They will bully you and beat you with what ever they find
If you are lucky it will be sticks, else games of the mind

But they will keep your dirty secrets, sometimes for a price
You will learn to negotiate, to pretend to play nice.

But when life hands you a sock and a dirty torn one too.
When you feel beat down, lonely and blue.

Years of bickering will not matter a minute more
You'll still get a earful, but they will help you up from the floor

They'll teach you to laugh at yourself while they watch your back
You'll pick up the pieces and get back on track

They will be embarrassed when you make a fool of yourself
It will be a joke forever more till you meet in hell

But when you wonder if your parents live in la-la-land
There will be only your sibling who sighs and understands.

So when the day is over and the fighting and screaming is done
Hug them tight and say " thanks for all the fun" 

Don't forget also to thank your parents there
For the best gift ever and for refereeing fair !


The homecoming. 

I come home appa, carrying a heavy heart. 
I come home for you, to do my bit part. 

I have left behind everything else that is me.
I bring home just your daughter you see.

For even though I always knew, now surer than ever, I know.
You were my strength always, what's left of it, and will be for ever more. 

You are everything in me that is good and kind
You are the only faith I carry in my heart and mind.

You are the courage with which I tackle every strife
Your unflinching devotion to us, still powers my life.

You are my roof, my shelter, my sky,
You are the comfort on a stormy night.

You are part of every memory I carry, old and new.
I exist, because I love you.

If I ever had to live again, I would without a second thought.
But only if you were my appa again, otherwise not.