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Monday, January 30, 2012

Growing pains

This moment, you are older than the last.
Growing up, growing too fast.
Babies should be babies and do all things babies do.
Coo, laugh,gurgle and it is okay howl too.

They should need their mommies,
all day, and especially at night.
They should not behave,
Atleast not without a fight.

Independence is over-rated,
you should need your mother's hand.
To feed you, to cuddle you,
to help you walk, heck even to stand.

Babies must babble,
Say very few things right.
In all that nonsense,
lies eternal delight.

No need to be smart,
No need for any tricks.
Just stay a baby one more day.
Upto baby antics.

Snuggle with mother in bed,
insist on her attention.
Be a brat one more time,
practice it to perfection.

This moment, you are older than the last.
Growing up, growing too fast.
Babies should be babies and do all things babies do.
Coo,laugh,gurgle and it is okay howl too.

- To Mowgli who is all of 18 months old and for all his imperfections, my perfect baby. I love you my little kitten.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taaa ??

Mmmmooo, you said and pointed at the moon in the sky. Yes, It is the moon Kutti. I smiled. You stretched your little palm out towards it and said "Taaa ??" I wish I could Mowglu, I really wish I could.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday was one of those days. Mowgli was in a foul foul mood. Nothing made him happy. He was wailing buckets for no good reason, throwing things, not eating and it was tantrum time. I was unusually patient. Keeping my anger in check, trying to make him happy. At one point , the point where he bit me hard for prying thermocol out of his mouth - yes you read that right, I was upset enough to make a call to Coolboy and say - you need to come home. It was one of those days. Angry and frustrated, I decided it was time for the cold treatment. I refused to talk to him for a while. Mowgli kept howling and I kept ignoring. Finally, Coolboy managed to calm him enough for me to feed him and we made our peace, hugged each other and went to bed.
I told coolboy - This has been the 3rd most trying evening as a mother for me. He said "it wont be the last". we laughed about it and made jokes about how difficult our life was getting.

Today I realise I was being petty and foolish. I stand humbled. Yesterday was a good day. My child is here with me - able to howl and scream and throw for no good reason and I am infinitely grateful for it.

PS: A little boy - all of two - a friend's baby is in the ICU waiting for a kidney transplant from his father. His mother asks for prayers. I know she will trade a million such tantrums in exchange for her baby's health. Who wouldn't ? If you are reading, please make a wish for him.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Good Morning 2012.

You know you have a blessed life when you get to spend the end of an exciting year in warm weather with your best friends chatting nineteen to the dozen about nothing. When a couple of dozen years has changed nothing, except that you now have two mini-me's hovering around creating breaks in the endless chatter.

It has to be a wonderful start to a year to run around with Mowgli on the beach in near perfect weather. To come to work feeling charged and in control (somewhat). To know that you have the best partner in crime and that is the biggest reason that this year is going to be A-OK !

Lots of goals this year. SOme the usual, some new, some left over from the last. The most important one - to embrace life and live it without regrets.

Good Morning 2012 !