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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving into week 27.

I was in the elevator this morning when the lady (from work) started making small conversation. She said " You hardly look pregnant at all, with that loose fitting top and the scarf". I am 26 weeks along today and was naturally surprised and looked down on my stomach and said "Really ?". She replied "You could pass off as being overweight."

:) . The pregnancy countdown book ( a must read for first time pregnant women) has the perfect retort for these situations.

"At least I am pregnant. What's your excuse?"

:D. of Course I didn't use that on her. A. Because I am too nice and have a great sense of humour ;) B. She is really skinny !!!!! So it wouldn't work.

And that's how we moved into Week 27. A pat on the belly and a hearty laugh.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down ?

Mowgli and I have conversations. He kicks me when he likes what I have eaten. He kicks when I roll over my stomach accidentally while sleeping. He kicks if he doesn't like what I am wearing. He somersaults from time to time as though to remind me that I haven't spoken to him that day ! :)

After dinner, sometimes, we play a game. I try to guess where he will kick and put my hand there and he tricks me oh so often !!!

Mowgli does like music.. sometimes. He kicks more if I have headphones on.. and of course depending on his mood and the music. He slept all the way through Mozart & Bach and through Mandolin Srinivas. When we went to the Odissi program though, he did have a blast. Especially in the songs that he has experienced me jump all over the place practicing to. He kicked as though he was urging me to just get up and start dancing myself. :) Oh Mowgli, will you dance with me when you come home?

After many nights of watching the old British Sherlock Holmes drama series on TV, I decided to switch gears and watch something light and frothy for a change. We watched The sound of music. Coolboy sang along with the songs loudly as Mowgli kicked away to glory :) !!!
Note to self: Buy the soundtrack for Mowgli.

But really, how do you describe joy of nurturing someone inside you ? How do you voice all your apprehensions without feeling guilty ? How do you not fear treading the unknown ?

Thats why we need the 280 days of gestation? To learn to appreciate the miracle that life itself is. To feel one with all the things we don't understand. To believe in the silliest of things. To take life one little baby kick at a time. That's how you catch a cloud and pin it down ?