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Friday, February 19, 2016

A mothers prayer.

There is a power beyond you and me
A force that makes the world spin
It is beyond any reproach
Unblemished, pure, untouched by sin

Limitless in compassion,
but when it stands up to defend,
To protect and nourish its own,
Heavens tremble at its strength

In the lap of such abundance
A child sits, staking its claim
Fearless, reckless, assured in the knowledge
It has its mother's prayer to its name.

Dedicated To my mother - who is my greatest strength.
           and To my children - who are my greatest weakness.

Monday, February 01, 2016

I want to be you.

Dear Ponyo,
Day after day as I watch you grow,
there is one thing I just want you to know.
If there is one thing ever so true.
It is that I wish I could be like you.

Strong and stronger willed, not one to be swayed
Oh to be able to laugh in ten different ways
I wish I would learn to swim on the ground
Or to delight in the way the exhaust fan sounds

How I yearn to fly like you without wings
To know the song that every bird sings
I love how you savor every morsel you eat
How you chat up every person you meet

To learn how to not go down without a fight
To learn how to charm and delight
Really, dear Ponyo, wont you teach me a thing or two
Oh how I do wish, I could be like you.

That smile, that pout, the angry tears that fall
When you dance, when you jump, I love it all
When you roll and tumble , dizzy with joy
When you demand attention, and how you get it, oh boy !

The smile you wont give up, all day long
The smile that can set right every wrong.
How you never fear change or anything new
Oh Ponyo, my darling Ponyo, I wish I were like you.


Dear L. Someday someone will tell you that you are becoming your mother. At that time, if you are very young, you will resent it. If you are older you might be surprised. You might have spent years trying not to become me. Should that happen remember, that from the day you were born, I have only wanted to be like you. You inspire me to be better every day. You are my greatest strength and I hope you will be everything wonderful that I am and infinitely more. Happy 2nd Birthday Ponyo.