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Friday, December 30, 2016

Au Revoir 2016

Another year bites the dust, but not Time. Time, the mighty one, the great humbler, marches on, unperturbed, unencumbered. It leaves the carrying of the burden of memories to us fragile beings. It punishes us by moving on when we stop to dwell and ponder. It forces us to pick ourselves and march along or perish. It isn't all that bleak though. There is Hope, the other mighty one. The great up lifter. The one who makes us smile when its dark and dreary. Time, lives in our minds and Hope in our hearts. So in the hope of a better tomorrow, we embrace time and smile and learn to move on.

The year has been an interesting one. It brought many new challenges for me personally. The biggest being to get accustomed to our new lifestyle given coolboy's new job. I have tried over the year with limited but not insignificant success to de-clutter my life, to sort my thoughts, to get fit, to devote more happy time to the kids and to write more often (at least one blog post a month).  I have discovered that I care very deeply about my adopted country and its politics, far more than I imagined. I have accepted that I live in a privileged isolated faux-utopian (dystopian might be too harsh) parallel universe in California and I am unlikely to trade it anytime soon for any other place in the world. I have been fortunate to be able to see a spectacular sunset and skies in Del Mar that moved me to tears as I sat and watch the day turn to night, I have stood in Hawaii with my family with a double rainbow as bright as you can imagine hovering over our heads like a blessing from beyond the clouds, and ended the year being awestruck by history and the burden of its stories that we collective carry as a species in Vienna and London and I am most at peace to be at home, here, now, in this moment, with cool boy, my mother, my children. More than I have been been in a very long time. 

I have been simultaneously humbled by Time and propped up by Hope. Last couple of years, beaten down by life altering events, I had ended my annual round up by asking Life to just let me be, to go easy on me. The universe has been kind. This year, the crazy chaotic scramble that it has been with moments of sweetness thrown in, I am going to muster up the courage to ask Life to show me more love and kindness.  And to 2017 - "Ae-Zindagi-Gale-Laga-Le.."

Au Revoir 2016.