....and all that jazZ

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy New Year.

As we canoed through the everglades, at one point, we set down our oars and let ourselves drift with the tide. i noticed that it was quiet. So quiet that I could hear myself breathe. I could hear fish jump in and out of water. I still think they were the manatees :). In this wonderful eco-system of mangroves and salt and fresh water, a world lived unseen to human eye, camouflaged by murky waters. You could tell much, I had read, by simply looking at the colour of the water. A whole sustaining universe, and my oars paddling though, the only sound.

Resolution #1: To talk less and listen more. Listen to the sounds of silences.

This is my friend. The tree outside my house. A picture taken last spring. I love this picture.It says "Smile, Spring is just around the corner." It fills me with hope. For the same reason I loved Barack Obama speech today. It made me optimistic.

Resolution#2: To keep on believing.

We had planned a trip to Miami and the Keys. I knew what we were going to do each day. One of the days was "planned to chill and take it easy". As in most predictable stories, the unpredictable happened. I can cross my heart and say that everything that I had not planned for was the best part of the trip. Like the sunset in this picture.

Resolution#3: To let go.

So this year I am going to put down the oars and stop battling the tide. I am going to drift along with life for a while. And while I do that, I am going to stretch my legs out, enjoy the scenery, fill myself with hope and listen to the sounds of silence.