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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Imperfectionist.

A post on Facebook (without which I would have been consumed by mommyhood ;)) by a friend read "Today I made the world's worst chocolate barfees.". Just like that. Like a cold splash on the face on a hot sultry day.

Facebook, is where people update their status's with clever things, political statements, their culinary or other achievements, tell the world where they eat, sleep and a bunch of other really irrelevant things. Its a place where you can add someone who might have spoken to once and met twice in your life as a "Friend" and use your space to highlight how cool and happening your life is, how wonderful you and your family look in photographs, how cute your child is, how hard or exciting motherhood is, the travails of a working mom, which exotic land is on your vacation horizon, how your weekend is abuzz with activities, so on and so forth. You get the general idea, right ? However, you never set yourself up for being laughed at publicly, unless you are trying to show how funny you are and how you have the spirit to take one on the chin, that too by yourself !!

But Rosh's post was not that. It was a fact plain and simple. I loved it because it was honest. It was refreshing because it was an admission of a failed attempt without much fuss. And why should there be any ? I think I have added so much pressure on to myself to be this "Perfect" woman, that it is honestly killing my spirit and more over, I dont think I want or need to be that at all. I dont have to bake the best goodies, cook great, keep the house spotless, pull bunnies from my hat at work, fit into my skinny jeans and over and above it all, be the best possible mother on earth ! I couldn't if I tried.

So i have decided that I am going to be one thing at a time, on good days maybe two.

My house wont be picture perfect.
My shoes and bag dont change with what I wear.
I put my baby above everything else, but i won't kill myself over his sleeptime or feedtime.
I refuse to put making fresh meals on my priority list. if it happens, great, if not, thank god for Pizza.
I don't have time for gym or a haircut right now and I am okay with that.
I cannot call people over or meet them very often anymore. It does not mean i dont care.
I will lose my temper occasionally unnecessarily.
I refuse to subscribe to anyone else's idea of perfection.

I will love myself the way I am. That, to me, is perfect !