....and all that jazZ

Friday, August 27, 2004

As I am getting out of work I get a call from my roommate.. "There is something funny going on here...". I get home to find her standing on the couch with a stick and the kitchen in a disarray. "There is something living under our sink" she shrieks. I am scared already. I walk cautiously towards the kitchen.. and she joins me explaining how she heard something moving in the kitchen. Curious, she walked in to find the noise coming from under the sink and some kind of dropping all over the kitchen floor. She opened the cabinet under the sink and heard something scuttle. Trying not to freak out she actually mustered the courage to pull out the trash can and the supplies tub from underneath. I would have died before I did that !!!. And she found the sponge in the cleaning supplies tub SHREDDED !!!

Now as she was pointing out the droppings leading to the door and in the walkway into her room... I started to approach my room. THE CARPET OUTSIDE MY ROOM WAS ALL FRAYED NEAR THE DOOR HINGE !!

I freaked out. I called maintenance to see why they still had'nt come in inspite my roommate notifying them 45 minutes ago. They said the people who would take care of it were notified. I had to hold myself back from screaming. "How long will it be ?" I asked. "M'am, maintenance does not consider a rat in the house as an emergency !!!! It can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours "

"Are you F@#$ing kidding me ???"

Slept at a friends last night. Just put in a request with my leasing office to have my apartment fumigated. If they don't get it done right away.. they can ask the rat to pay the rent !!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Last night ended up watching Sex and the City for lack of better things to do. Carrie's question being "Is the perfect relationship nothing but an urban Myth ?"
Charolette : I believe in happy endings and riding the horse into sunset.
Miranda : Why pretend ? There is no such thing as the perfect relationship.
Samantha : I dont need a relationship. I only believe in casual sex.
Carrie : I dont know. I am confused.

Me : You can make it happen.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I feel like a fish

Ever tried body-surfing? The objective is to ride a wave back to the shore. So u wade/swim out a bit into the sea.. and when you see a huge wave coming you turn and start swimming towards the shore. If you are in the right direction at the right time the wave will overpower your strokes and simply sweep you towards the shore.... you can feel the current under the water and glimpse the power of the ocean. And without much effort you are back where you started. Its fun. The best part about it is you feel like a fish :-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

You are my silver lining.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Good Music and Alcohol complement each other perfectly. Throw in an occasion to celebrate and you have a great party going. Sour moods cheer up, the cross ones make up, all goes. You can speak your mind and heart and its all in good spirit. Then come the class clown acts.

I asked him to tell me a joke. And this is how it went

Why does he always hold peoples hand when he talks to them?
Ans: So they dont leave in the middle of the conversation !

*What The @#$%??*

Anyways I thoughht we were all done and we got pulled over by a cop.
After the driver license etc etc... "Sir, you were doing 90 on a 65 zone and were swerving in your lane. How much did you have to drink tonight ?"

He decides to do the test on the Interstate. I could hear him counting ... 1001,1002,,, loud enough for everyone passing us to hear !

Officer : Do you know where you are right now ?
He : yes i do.
Officer : Where ?
He : 5-South

Thats when i shut my ears and eyes and started praying real hard. We were heading north and heading home.

We were let off with a warning and no ticket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucky days.