....and all that jazZ

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Many years later, she walked through the alleys,
feeling each stone, as though,
they contained a memory.
She took in the changes with each step she took
Unsure, overwhelmed with nostalgia
Afraid of what she should find, should she look.
The years had worked their way 
through the by lanes, as much as through her thoughts
Were yesterday's joys enough for today ?
The skies brimming with water.
Reflected the reluctant longing in her eyes, 
The echoes of endless mindless chatter.
The streets and sounds and smells; Life had moved on
Without her. 
Love ? It seemed to have stuck around.
Not waiting, no, not in despair.
It was there at the corner she had left it.
It was breathing, living, thriving in the new air.
There he was smiling at her, like he knew.
She stood frozen, confused at the relief she felt.
He said " There are such sounds so very few,
Like that of a loved one coming home. Come lets walk,
Who would have thought you would come sneaking back,
Come, lets take a walk, lets catch up, lets talk."
She smiled and took his outstretched hand
"I have so many stories to tell" she said
"Of all my adventures in a faraway land"
She was free. Finally. Years of stories that had collected dust.
To be told and shared with someone who knew.
Who understood her wanderlust.
Happy and content she said " Now I must go,
My life awaits. I just had to step back into yesterday because.."
He stopped her " You don't have to explain. I know."

Zen Spot

In the depths of an afternoon reverie,
Under a tree, in the shady cool
There is a rocking chair and a cup of tea.

There is book that I cannot put away,
Prose that moves me infinitely
And it is a warm, gloriously sunny day.

There is the sound of a child asleep,
In tune with the chirping birds
As he turns in his slumber deep.

A dream within a dream,
A magic tree and pixie dust
A small addition to the scene.

Life glides on at a leisurely pace
Love, sunshine, wilderness
Unending summer days.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mowgli at the Zoo

Mowgli loves the zoo.
There are so many things to see and do.

There is the train outside,
and so very many cars.
There is the bus inside
For when you don't want to walk too far.

The gondola takes you up
and across through the sky
There is the popcorn stand that
you cant miss even if you try.

There are ducks in the pond
and pigs to pet in the sty.
There is a climbing section
and a tall big slide.

The Zebras, rhinos and the gorillas-
Well you can see them in the books too !
For everything else, one must
Absolutely must, go to the zoo !

For Mowgli, who loves animals at the zoo. But loves the gondola and the double decker bus just as much ( or slightly more) !!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Its all good.

I woke up today to find
that Normal had been redefined.
That my life was not all I imagined it to be
That there was much that I had failed to see
Mowgli saw it all along, he always had it right
It explains his seemingly random squeals of delight.

If it were yesterday, I would would ponder
On the how, wherefores and wonder.
I would make a new plan for tomorrow
I would beg life for time to borrow
For some peace, quiet and a little space
To breathe, to hide my face.

What tomorrow will hold, who knows ?
Today there is music, poetry and prose.
Through tangled words I find my way
Humming a tune, I walk astray
I chance upon a rabbit on the run,
I say "Wait up", I am joining the fun !

Today I woke up to find,
Yes, normalcy has been redefined.