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Friday, October 20, 2006

Aint no Diwali without Patti.

Religiously, year after year, ever since I started blogging, I have a bitter sweet post on how I celebrate Diwali in a home away from home. Of the two shaded emotion that has joy with a twist of nostalgia. This year is different.

There aint no Diwali this time around. No diyas, no kolams. Not even a solitary tea light for a passing Lakshmi making her way on earth. Yes, the Gods may make note that this. Its my Diwali Bandh. For there aint no diwali without patti.

There is no meaning to faith without the one who taught me to believe. There is no sound to laughter without the one who wiped my every tear. There is no colour to joy without the one who rejoiced with me.

There aint no Diwali this time around. Coz it aint no Diwali without patti.

There is no sweetness in laddoos that are not made by patti. There is no fragrance to roses that grow anywhere else other than her garden. There is no cheer to any place other than her playground. There is no comfort other than lying with my head in her lap. There is no Neverland no more.

There aint no Diwali this time around. Coz it aint no Diwali without patti.

Monday, October 09, 2006

From Patti

Is the left shoulder that she sits on?
Whispering words of courage into my ear.
"How can I ever be gone,
When you are right here?

I am your guardian angel,
More now than you ever knew.
I am still praying and fighting
To make all your dreams come true.

You are my best child
No one can better be
I am immortal because of you
Because you love me, dont you see?

I can never be gone,
For you are but a reflection of me
I am always around,
By living you sustain me.

Dont despair my lovely child
Take in the light, the wind and the sea.
I am you and everything around you,
I could not closer to you be.
With all my love today and always,
Affectionately Patti."