....and all that jazZ

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Amma says "Mowgli, I am sad. I dont want you to be five."
Asks Mowgli surprised "Amma, but why ?"
"Now where do I begin with this..?" says amma,
As she pauses to think and lets out a sigh.
With the worried assurance of a 5 year old
he says " All living things MUST grow,
That is the way of the world amma,
Surely this you know !"
Amma smiles at Mowgli
And she squeezes him tight
"Look how you know everything already,
That is just the reason why !"
Not one to give up easy, he cautions
"If I dont grow bigger, neither will you !"
"You dont want to be stuck right here forever !!!"
Amma smiles back at him "Perhaps I do !"
"But don't you worry little monkey,
I am thrilled that you will be five
No matter how much you grow
Tomorrow, you are still my little child !"
"Amma, next year I'll be six,
and then the year after seven and then...."
His eyes shine in excitement
he exclaims "Boy, I cant wait to be TEN !!