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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Chapter 45: Mowgli Vs The unkind world

 Dear almost 11 year old Mowgli,

I picked up Dear Martin because you finished it in 2 sittings getting up only for lunch. I rarely have seen you read with such ferocity and when you said it was about "Racial inequality and police brutality", I was stumped. Who writes about such things for a tween to read ? But my interest was piqued and I, like you finished it yesterday in 2 sittings. To answer the question above, its is Nic Stone's debut novel and I am so so glad she wrote this book. Half way through the  book I asked you, "Did you understand what they are talking about ?". You nodded a yes. 

Well, did you like it ?

I don't know. It had too much foul language and I did not like the way it ended.

What do you  think, about race in America or the world ? How do you feel about it ? Do you think the world is fair or equal ?

I was not prepared for your answer. Plain and simple as that. You said and I quote

"The world is not equal, Amma. It is never going to be equal, Humans crave power. As long as they crave it, they will find someone to oppress. If it is not about the color of the skin, it will be about money or something else. That is the way it is always going to be with the human race."

I am still reeling from that, I did not know how to answer it then.. I led with, well we can all strive to be better humans, each of us.. but you shook your head and I had to stop myself and then you from going on the tirade you sometimes go on about the atrocities mankind commits on its own and its violence on Nature and creatures mute and helpless.

I am completely in awe of your adult like thinking and at the same time terrified of it. Actually the more I think about it, the more I worry. If you don't believe in the possibility of a beautiful perfect world now, when you are almost 11, then when ever will you ?Adulting is all about coping as life chips away at childhood assumptions and naiveté. However, for now and as long as possible, I want you to see this world as worth fighting for and saving. I am supposed to prepare you for that battle, to teach you how to survive, to never stop hoping. 

Then I think maybe this dystopian view is what we are all feeding you. My own assessment of humans is not far from yours. If I have ceased to be hopeful, how can I teach you to hope. In the last year and a half I have pretty much sleepwalked through life as a method of coping with the politics and the pandemic. I think it is time for me to wake up, take you by the hand and show myself and you how wonderful you and me are. So full of love and compassion and teach you that you are enough, you alone are going to be enough to change this world. You and me actually. 

Come, time for the beach !