....and all that jazZ

Monday, April 16, 2012


When the ocean swells and roars
In a bid to reach the sky
The waves bound to the sea bed leap
Up higher and higher and sigh !

The sky torn to shreds by the clouds
Ravaged by the thunder and lightning, weeps
In utter despair the wind dances
Madly, defiantly as it shrieks !

The war rages on through the night
The earth and everything that is hers, is now on stake
If time paused it would hear
a child softly sob and a heart break !

Monday, April 02, 2012

Our Songs

Train song

One Chuk
Two Chuk
Three Chuk Chuk Chuk
Four Chuk
Five Chuk
Six Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk
Seven Chuk
Eight Chuk
Nine Chuk Chuk
Ten Ten Ten Ten
oooooooo.. Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk

Play time

Spider Spider,
what do you do all day ?
I spin spin spin
I spin a web away !

Buzz bee Buzz bee,
What keeps you so busy ?
Oh, Sitting on the purple flower
and eating lots of honey !

Tabdik Tabdik Horsey
What are you up to ?
I have to go to town
with Yankee Doodle Do !

Amma Amma Amma,
Are you doing something too?
Ofcourse not my little kitten,
I have all the time for you !