....and all that jazZ

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Chapter 36: Bedtime story

Over the decade of motherhood, among things that have been redefined, top most would be bedtime. It has covered the entire spectrum of emotions I am capable of, depending on the night. As the kids get older, 10 and 6 this year, the circus is slowly winding down. I suddenly feel like a tired ring master who trained his animals well enough that they can more or less dance without his instruction, but  feels oddly ousted. Sometimes I lie down in the room staring into the night, slowly drifting to sleep even as the kids are still wide awake, snuggling with their blanket, hanging on to their babyhood, as they rush through night after night, racing time.

It was the dead of the night
   Not a sound, nor ray of light
Children were all sleeping

All?  All but two.
  no prizes for guessing who 
Buried under covers whispering.

Their parents fast asleep,
  Out of bed the children creep
And set about tiptoeing.

Every clock was set back to 10 pm
  Two hours past midnight, actually then
As they fell asleep, happily, dreaming.

Parents can be tricked, not Time
  She watched the children and smiled
"If only If only..." she conceded, sighing

Friday, January 24, 2020

Chapter 35 : 13

I don't believe
I don't think I ever have
believed in soulmates.
But I believe in destiny,
in magic,
and the choices we make.

I don't believe in promises
of timelessness,
they seem like folklore.
But I believe in deep rooted love,
the comforts of familiarity,
A love that is secure.

I believe in luck
and happenstance,
that chance we took.
I don't believe in
unsaid words, or tomorrows,
But I believe in me and you.