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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


No No now really,
Eleven months already ?
There must be a mistake,
I must ask Time to check.
It was only yesterday,
that you and I met.
We spoke about life,
yours mine and the rest.
We kissed we smiled
Time stopped at our behest.
No No now really?
Eleven months already ?
There must be mistake,
I must ask Time to check.
To show me the balances
of how my life was spent
To list out the excesses
And every wasted moment.
I blink I miss, its all a blur
And Mowgli is in a hurry.
Time, Loan me a few minutes.
My,oh my, its eleven months already !!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Before and After

Before you became my baby,
Kutti, Where were you ?
I think you were a wish,
Just waiting to come true.

Before I became your Amma,
Kutti, where was I ?
I was always searching for you
In the starry skies.

Finally we met,
on a moonlit summer night.
It is you It is you,
I sang in delight

Without a fuss or worry
You snuggled against me
I knew that very instant
This was meant to be.

A new story began,
Resounding with joy and laughter
Kutti, thats the very beginnning
of our Happily ever After.

- Love Amma.

Mowgli is almost 11 months old. I keep flying back to a year ago. I will remember soo many things that he has no idea about. So I write.. for you my little kitten, I write.