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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The very beginning ...

At the very beginning,
There was a happy family,
Amma, Appa, and ofcourse Mowgli.

Often at night they would sit out
and look at the moon and stars,
Mowgli would wonder why they were so far.

He asked Amma, " Please,
Can the moon be our own?
It must be so sad there alone"

Amma and Appa thought
Long long and hard.They finally gave in
and spoke to the Moon at last.

The moon it turned out
was not really alone and sad,
A gazillion stars as friends it had.

But it said, "I would really like
to have a family too, So yes,
I will come home with you."

"Give me a few days to
pack all my things, I do have
a million joys to bring"

So now we wait for
our precious own little moon,
Who before we know, will be here soon.

The happy family will
be happier far more,
when soon from 3, we will be 4 !!

Dear Little Moon :)
Amma wrote lots of poems and songs for Mowgli. This is just the beginning. You will have your share too. I promise :)