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Monday, August 29, 2016

Another First

Dear Mowgli,
Today we dropped you off at school for first day of first grade. You wont remember, but first day of preschool, Tatha and I came. I was sure you would cry, but you didn't. I almost did. I came to pick you up last day of preschool and thanked all the teachers personally, very emotionally. You were cool as a cucumber. First day of KG, we all walked you to school - Appa, Patti and I. You were so excited to go to a "big kids school". I was so happy and so overwhelmed that you were taking on such a big adventure in life - KG :). Today as you dragged your feet to school after a full summer of bumming around with your grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends, I walked along happy that we were seeing an end to this chaos and school was starting. When I came to pick you up as promised and I saw you from a distance searching for you with those big eyes of yours, I was brimming with emotion again. I think this is going to happen every year. Every year as you move ahead, I am going to feel more and more that you are growing up too fast. I am going keep wishing I had spent more time staring at you when you slept as a baby making that face you still do in your sleep.  I am going to wish that I did not lose my temper as much as I do now. I am going to want a second shot at doing this - raising you - all over again. I already do. I know that first graders don't get walked by parents to their classrooms, but I so enjoyed that walk with you every single morning last year !. From the park where you would insist on getting exercise by zipping around on your scooter before you made it to class ( barely )!. I am going to miss that, I am going to miss your insisting that I sit outside your classroom with you quietly staring into the sky waiting for the bell. I wish I was not impatient then. What is the hurry in life ? The one thing I wont ever miss is not loving you enough. What ever my failings mowgli, remember I have loved you with every fiber of my being. Always and forever. That I know, I could not have done better :)!

I am so proud of you,