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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Woofie Affair

He stood by the kitchen island, clutching on to his sippy cup. Drinking up his milk furiously as he always does on early mornings. I smiled and said "Good boy Mowgli" and turned to pick up toys that lay strewn on the floor from the night before. Tatha was back in India. I smiled as I thought of Tatha sitting right there on the floor with Mowgli on his lap warning him that if he did not drink his milk then Woofie was waiting to grab it and drink it all up. At 13.5 months whether he understood the threat or not, Mowgli would wolf down his milk. The joy of the bond with the grandchild. I turned around to remind Mowgli of what Tatha used to say. "Mowgli.." I started. It was a Kodak moment ! He was still standing by the kitchen island. He had the sippy cup in one hand and Woofie in the other and was feeding Woofie the milk that he did not want !!!

Some things will be etched in my memory forever Mowgli. Like writing in stone.
Yesterday after I wiped your leaky nose, you took the cloth from me and wiped the windup chicken's beak :)

Amrit comes and asks me - "Ragini - are you going to buy a dog for your new house?". I said "No sweetie.". She says " Its okay, Akash can come to my house and play with my dog."

I hope the woofie affair continues a while :) !