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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

From California -- Vikram Seth

Sunday night in the house.
The blinds drawn, the phone dead.
The sound of the kettle, the rain.
Supper: cheese, celery, bread.

For company, old letters
In the same disjointed script.
Old love wells up again,
All that I thought had slipped

Through the sieve of long absence
Is here with me again:
The long stone walls, the green
Hillsides renewed with rain.

The way you would lick your finger
And touch your forehead, the way
You hummed a phrase from the flute
Sonatas, or turned to say,

"Larches--the only conifers
That honestly blend with Wales."
I walk with you again
Along these settled trails.

It seems I started this poem
So many years ago
I cannt follow its ending
And must begin anew.

Blame, some bitterness,
I recall there were these.
Yet what survives is Bach
And a few blackberries

Something of the "falling starlight",
In the phrase of Wang Wei,
Falls on my shadowed self.
I thank you that today

His words are open to me.
How much you have inspired
You cannot know. The end
Left much to be desired.

"There is a comfort in
The strength of love." I quote
Another favourite
You vouchsafed me. Please note

The lack of hope or faith:
Neither is justified.
I have closed out the night.
The random rain outside

Rejuvenates the parched
Foothills along the Bay.
Anaesthetised by years
I think of you today

Not with impassionedness
So much as half a smile
To see the weathered past
Still worth my present while.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday night Longings

Back from work. Its been a long week. Another long week. Kick my shoes off. Plonk on my couch and i hear the street sounds as i lose myself in the breeze. My patio overlooks the white church. When it all lights up, when people are out there getting home getting out getting somewhere, I stay home and dream of home.

A phone call and a shower. Close friends and some wine. Laughter and a light buzz. I look at you and I am happy. We are friday night lovers. Lost in our worlds until Friday finds us.

Neon lights. Magical rides. Yearnings on a Friday night.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hang on little tomato.

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This song is for you my bestest friend - Shweyta. :) This song is yours and mine to remind us how together every day has been that just a little brighter.