....and all that jazZ

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas. Everyones left for vacation. I am here with L and A. Still working. Will work through next week. It does'nt even feel like i am going home in a couple of weeks. Work has been really busy. I am thankful for that. Its keeping my brain in control of my thoughts.

Listening to Silk Route.

Galiyon mein phirta hai banjara dil yeh,
Tujhko hi dhoondega aawara dil yeh,
Karta hai jaane ishaara kya dil yeh,

Hum jo chalein to tum bhi chalo saath,
Phir kya khabar ki din hai ki raat !

Christmas puts me in a different zone. Its a happy festive time of the year. It makes me reflect on the year gone by. And I wish the hardest during this time. Is anyone listening ?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

V is getting married on Jan 14. I am very happy for him. Its the happiness he truly deserves and I wish the very best for him, as always.

Having said that I am a little surprised at thats how I feel. I have always wondered how it would be and I am liking it that we have both so maturely moved on with our respective lives. I always thought that there would be some kind of a nagging sense of loss, but there is none.

Congratulations V :-) !!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Weather :

Weather : Cold and Raining.
Work : Trudging along
Friends : Thankfully still there !
Spirits : Wandering lost.
Reading : For whom the Bell Tolls (Still !!!..... its a hard read)
Last saw : Closer. (A good watch)

Friday, December 03, 2004


A lot of reading and bunch of experiences growing up have made me a believer. Growing up, spirituality was always a part of of our everyday life. Still is. God was always a friend and a guide. Drawing His little baby feet with rice flour on the floor walking towards the kitchen where mom would have kept all the things He loves, in turn which are all the things her two little kids love, during Gokulashami, only made him real. We were never taught to fear him. We were always taught to love him and respect him. To acknowledge his presence in everything around us. In the sunrises and the sunsets. In the serenity of the night. In the fickleness of nature. Every day is a miracle and that we ought to be grateful for every little joy that the new day brings and accept with the same grace and humility things that do not happen the way the mind wishes them to. We were taught to believe that everything happens for the best. That believing is the first step to unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

I believe Therefore I am.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

And the countdown starts again. To the end of another year. Time for reflections again. And I set my eyes on going home again. What better way of ending a year and starting another one. With every passing year away from home my yearning to go back now and then just increases. Again I will weigh my losses and gains against my sorrows and joys of the year.

Mom has gotten into this habit of asking me everytime we talk "Are you happy Raga ?" :-) And I always say "Why do think I would'nt be ?"

Happy Birthday Tatha

Tatha turns 80 today. And I realise with each passing day how grateful I am for his presence in my life.