....and all that jazZ

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Green turns to red brown and gold. The warm breeze turns chilly. One by one the leaves fall and are swept far far away where they mingle with earth from where they once sprung.

Autumn is for letting go. Of the green and yellow, and embracing the reds. Of letting go, of becoming bare. So that some day new leaves and new loves may grow.

Autumn is for saying good-bye. To a summer that made memories. To a love that cannot stay forever. To feel the winter set in. To feel the warmth leave so that one may realize how warm it was. How cozy love is.

Autumn is Summer saying "I have to go, so that I may come back and we may rejoice again and love again"

Autumn is for rummaging through red and gold memories. For a cup of tea and a chilly breeze. For pulling that shawl tighter. For holding back the tears. For yearning for a love that begs to be forgotten.

Autumn is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. Not the summer that was filled with carefree days and Not the winter that is waiting to set in.

Autumn celebrates the cycle of life. In red brown and gold.