....and all that jazZ

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Chapter 44 : Coffee

The morning is bleak
and my coffee, black.
I am thinking of words,
I cant take back.

I wonder how and when
I switched over from tea.
No, definitely not in summer,
I remember leaves under my feet.

I came back home,
feeling a sense of release.
The leaves were yes, changing,
I looked at mom and said "some coffee please."

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Chapter 43 : Hanging

There, I've said it.
    It is now hanging in the air-
that emotion, 
   wrapped untidily in words
that are not quite enough.

It is October already,
      have you noticed ?
The wind will blow it around
   and maybe it will settle there
In that heap of cast off leaves.

I will walk back home now.
     Do what you will with it,
as one might with errant thoughts.
    or hold it, till it dissolves in time
like all things seasonal.