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Friday, May 01, 2020

Chapter 39 : May

I admire those who are content to be with themselves
and themselves alone,
It takes a certain amount of tenacity to embrace
solitude in fair measure.

I watch them in amazement as they carry on with grace
balancing silences,
Filling the days with details one might easily overlook,
and smiling at its perfection.

I must not on tread on this intricately woven tapestry
of pristine solitude,
Where occasionally people gather to share in gratitude
the peace that is common to them.

Then I wonder, who is my tribe ? Where should I go -
for I carry chaos,
I look at a storm and all that it carries in its raging soul
and I dance for joy.

I go to the vast ocean, that never ceases to heave and sigh,
a million waves that travel
in crowds on her vast being singing to the skies,
I am one there. I am alone. I am home.


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