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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Chapter 32 - I cried or An ode to the unseasonal rains

I tripped and fell
and scraped my knee.
There was no one around,
just a few trees.

The tears went for the kill
The fight was hard
There was no way my head
was going to win over the heart

And there I sat on the sidewalk
and let myself go
relieved in part that only
the skies watched this sorry show -

A petulant adult bawling like a child
over a small scrape
Pulling  tears from long simmering rage
and timeless heartache

And I cried for all the wrongs
that the world inflicts
I cried like I carried all that burden
and had no one to share it with.

I cried for yesterday, for
losses I haven't finished grieving
I cried because it sometimes feels pointless,
for all the running and searching.

Then, it began to rain
and just like that I was set free
I wiped my tears, got up and hobbled on
I let the skies continue to weep for this world and me.


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