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Monday, August 12, 2019

Chapter 28 - Summer Lover

Lazy fingers
tease the keys,
that protest with
something that sounds
like a tune
played from memory.

I hum along, but
the words wont abide.
The fingers now eager,
search for it,
for that summer afternoon
that my heart put aside

Wrapped up in loose cotton,
so I can still breathe
The song we sang,
with the sun beating down
bare feet, bare armed,
when we sat down by the sea.

Hasty fingers urge the song
Lost voices sing along
Do you remember? Do you

How the shade felt
in the summer heat ?
And the smell of the summer,
how we danced to the beat
of our times and days.
It all seems suddenly so far away

Like waking up from a siesta
I don't know, I don't know !
I could have sworn I heard
that song just last night
on the radio.


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