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Thursday, June 06, 2019

Chapter 25 - Yesterday

While flirting with my memories,
I found many possibilities.

The many paths that we didn't take
I finished those half baked tales,

That we imagined were ours to live out
 in a world bereft of self doubt.

Flirting with memories is a dangerous game
I kissed it gently, with my old name

In case anyone else came to peek -
In that box of a shared possibility

They would find a crumb trail left
of aspirations, dreams and naivete,

They could follow it if they chose,
to meet again at the chapter's close.

A less taken path though breaks away,
It ambles along, and ends in Today.

This is one of the many reveries I have been indulging in recently. It is nice to say that I have lived without regrets. Would that mean then, that I did not live dangerously enough ? That I always play safe ? Ask me again in a decade or two. I may end up with a few more missed opportunities or I may finally rue having no regrets ! Who knows.


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