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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Chapter 20 - Of love and rains

I know I feel more about
that afternoon that we kissed,
because it was raining.
It would have not been the same
had it been a sunny day.
Sun has nothing on the dark clouds
that build on anticipation,
that make the heart hurry,
that carry the promise of 
a new story.

I know I ached more than I cared
on the night that I left,
because it was raining.
It would not have been as hard
on a breezy moonlit night.
The moon and stars have nothing
on the winds the rains bring,
that wreak havoc on a well arranged thing,
that make the dark night bleaker,
that make the already drenched in 
tears heart sting.

I know that I remember
 some days more vividly,
every mundane detail, the emptiness
and the fullness, the joys, the going ons,
the laughter, the caring, the nonchalance,
the negligence, the sadness and pain.
I know that every time it has mattered,
Every thing that has been something,
in my life, begins and perhaps even ends,
When it rains.

To the longest love story of my life - the one I have with the rains. 


  • I love this so much, and yes, I adore the rains, especially the petrichor afterward. :)

    By Anonymous Lakshmi, at 2:13 PM  

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