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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Chapter 21 - I wrote you a love note.

Today I sent you a note,
A poem, really.
I thought it would make
you smile, and you'd say
"this is plain silly.

It's not like I have never
bought you flowers,
And I am quite busy,
Meetings back to back,
I'll call you in an hour"

Or something to that effect
you know..
But silences are annoying
You just won't bite the bait
You think its clever to ignore.

A few tangential questions later,
I ask if you got my note, finally,
You look at your phone
"Oh this one" you say
"I was still recovering from that amazing
dinner you almost made me."

Touche, coolboy :) !  I had once decided that I have no interest in boys who don't know how to flirt, woo and impress. But then I married you and I have never wondered why.
PS: this is the original poem - To think i thought i might just come home to flowers.. :D

By Wendy Cope
Some men never think of it. 
You did. You’d come along 
And say you’d nearly brought me flowers 
But something had gone wrong.
The shop was closed. Or you had doubts — 
The sort that minds like ours 
Dream up incessantly. You thought 
I might not want your flowers.
It made me smile and hug you then.
Now I can only smile.
But, look, the flowers you nearly brought 
Have lasted all this while.