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Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Chapter 47 : An ordinary moment

I decided to walk the kids home from school today. Why do we need a car for this - I explained to them as we walked in the warmth of the winter sun. The kids asked if they could stop at the ice-cream truck.It is after all a Wednesday afternoon of a busy week, we should get ice-cream, mom. Hard to argue with that. There is something about stealing an hour in the middle of a crazy busy day.We walked mostly in silence except for that one time I commented that the ice-cream might melt if they ate it any slower. It is for childhood though to pit the sun against time and throw an ice-cream as bait. I smiled at this stolen treasure of a moment and the mind wandered back to where I had left off. The smile quickly turned into a frown as I picked up my pace. The kids walked lazily behind. As we got closer to home, i was checking the time more frequently and Ponyo asked Meeting? as she licked off the last bit of sweetness off the bare stick. Hmm I muttered, Cant your brother walk any faster? Finally I turned to say - Hey I am heading back to work now, we need to speed it up. Barely looking up from the melt-defying riot-of-color-popscicle Mowgli said  - You miss all the fun if you rush through life. Then he looked up and smiled.

I laughed and decided to wait up for him and then race him all the way back home.


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