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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Strawberries. When you slice them horizontally they are heart shaped. And deep pink fading toward the inside. Ever noticed how beautiful they look ?

Friday, January 23, 2004

Kal Ho Na Ho !

Vacation has ended. Like all good things. Was reading A brief history of time - S. Hawking. Even the universe science says has a beginning and an end. And our lives are fleeting moments in this finite confines of time. All of last month heard the music of KHNH (crappy movie !) everywhere I went. At parties, discs,radio, restaurants.
Played the cd at work today. Remembered every minute of my vacation in india. Like a background track of a movie :) ! The last time i went, two years ago, it was Dil Chahta Hai.. " Kabhie na beetein, chamkile din". The very essense of my vacation then. This time it was "har pal yahan jee bhar jeeyo, jo hai sama kal ho na ho !". Now I am back and working and the words cant ring truer ! When you go home after two years for 3 weeks every moment is teh joy of a lifetime, whose memories carry you through till you go back again !

Friday, January 16, 2004

Return to Innocence

That pretty much sums up my vacation home. The children who refuse to grow up. Sitting around and playing for the ultimate champion in Ludo ! We used to range between 5 and 15. And we would play fight eat and sleep late. Pampered by mothers and aunts. We now range between 15-25. And we rag each other about friends. Discuss college and fight and play and watch movies and sleep late. Still are handed plates in our hands and admonished for not putting things away. This is home. This is my Neverland. Where how ever old we may be we are still our mothers children and the age of innocence seems to never move away.