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Sunday, January 02, 2022

Chapter 46 : Love in another dimension

 She always shuffled into the house with a big smile, carrying her big bag that she would set down next to the door while she quickly first changed into her house slippers she kept in the cloak closet. "HI Papa " she would call out loudly to Mowgli to announce her arrival. Her big bag would quickly be unpacked - giant water bottle in the freezer to keep her water ice cold, bunch of stuff she picked up at the mexican store to make whatever it it is that the kids requested of her, a container of home made mango salsa for us, season permitting, and as the years passed, kids grew older and her visits turned from a daily caregiver to an occasional babysitter - gifts for kids. She would quickly survey the house, making a mental note of the things that needed to be put away, vegetables that could use cleaning and chopping, clothes that needed folding, fridge that needed organizing, while listening to me tell her about my plans for the day or the evening. She would listen patiently and wave an impatient me away - "Go, do your thing..". We were only happy to hand over the most precious things in our life over to her and be off so she could care for them while allowing us to be carefree.

She was part of our lives in a way that I feel a lifetime of gratitude for. A surrogate to us when we had no family around. She kept pictures of my children on her mantlepiece and carried them like treasures in her generous and kind heart. 

She loved freely and for all that love she showered on us - Thank you Ms Lupe. We love you and will always remember you.