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Friday, December 06, 2013

Mowgli and Ponyo

Dear Ponyo,

Mowgli had just turned 3, when we told him about your impending arrival. Not sure at first what that meant, he simply ignored the news. Shortly after, his friend Ro welcomed home a baby brother and his friend Sa came back from India with her baby brother. Things started to click in his brain and he started to wonder what that meant for him. Could Winkie take ponyo away ? What if the snake from the canyon did ? Or the wolf ? Who were ponyos parents and would they come take ponyo away ? Its not that he did not love you, he just did not understand what he would do with you. Soon that gave way to him saving broken toys for you to play with, because you would not know how to play with ones that worked. Then the exciting news that Tatha and Patti would come visit as well along with Ponyo. He was now less worried about you hogging the scene. Tatha, he is sure, is his friend and his friend alone. As time passed the word "brother" somehow clicked. He says he does not want to be called "Anna" and that you have to address him as "Akash Roy". We have been slowly asking him questions to gauge what his reaction might be on your arrival and here are some samples of his delightful answers -

Us: When POnyo goes to sleep, she is not going to say "Amma, hand, Appa, leg" and ask to be held. She is going to be strong and sleep all by herself.
Mowgli : She is going to cry "Brother, Hand"

Us: The evil Queen wants to take our Ponyo away. What shall we do ?
Mowgli: No, The evil queen is mean. She cant take ponyo. We can find a nice queen and she can take ponyo away.

Us: Ponyo is going to ask me Amma, how can I be big and strong like Mowgli.
Mowgli : Ponyo is a baby. She wont have any teeth, so she cant talk. She will only cry all the time.

Now that all of us are counting down the weeks to your arrival, I am sure that Mowgli is going to LOVE his baby sister and is going to be the best big brother ever.

Looking forward,
Amma and Appa.