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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas. Everyones left for vacation. I am here with L and A. Still working. Will work through next week. It does'nt even feel like i am going home in a couple of weeks. Work has been really busy. I am thankful for that. Its keeping my brain in control of my thoughts.

Listening to Silk Route.

Galiyon mein phirta hai banjara dil yeh,
Tujhko hi dhoondega aawara dil yeh,
Karta hai jaane ishaara kya dil yeh,

Hum jo chalein to tum bhi chalo saath,
Phir kya khabar ki din hai ki raat !

Christmas puts me in a different zone. Its a happy festive time of the year. It makes me reflect on the year gone by. And I wish the hardest during this time. Is anyone listening ?


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