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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Many years later, she walked through the alleys,
feeling each stone, as though,
they contained a memory.
She took in the changes with each step she took
Unsure, overwhelmed with nostalgia
Afraid of what she should find, should she look.
The years had worked their way 
through the by lanes, as much as through her thoughts
Were yesterday's joys enough for today ?
The skies brimming with water.
Reflected the reluctant longing in her eyes, 
The echoes of endless mindless chatter.
The streets and sounds and smells; Life had moved on
Without her. 
Love ? It seemed to have stuck around.
Not waiting, no, not in despair.
It was there at the corner she had left it.
It was breathing, living, thriving in the new air.
There he was smiling at her, like he knew.
She stood frozen, confused at the relief she felt.
He said " There are such sounds so very few,
Like that of a loved one coming home. Come lets walk,
Who would have thought you would come sneaking back,
Come, lets take a walk, lets catch up, lets talk."
She smiled and took his outstretched hand
"I have so many stories to tell" she said
"Of all my adventures in a faraway land"
She was free. Finally. Years of stories that had collected dust.
To be told and shared with someone who knew.
Who understood her wanderlust.
Happy and content she said " Now I must go,
My life awaits. I just had to step back into yesterday because.."
He stopped her " You don't have to explain. I know."


  • So good to see you back in poetry action.. very touching poem.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:43 AM  

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