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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chalk and Cheese

If there were two kittens as different as different can be, that would most likely be Mowgli and his friend Ro. Past weekend at the park was a wonderful exhibition of inherent personality traits. Picture this.

Scene 1:

2 Moms sitting and chatting on the bench while a Mowgles and Ro are in the play structure playing with sand. Suddenly Ro comes running, his bucket in hand.
Ro: Mom, something is happening.
Mom : Whats happening ?
Ro: Something .. ( pointing worriedly to where Mowgli is and 2 other slightly older and bigger kids are)
Me : Mowgles - all okay ?
Everything seems okay and Ro goes back only to come back running a few minutes later.
Ro: Something is happening !!
Amused I walk over with him to see what was happening. Mowgli was scowling hard at another boy. The other boy made a move to mess up Mowgli's pretend dinner. Mowgli shouts "Don't do that" and in the nick of time I stop him and calm things over. Things were obviously tense there. The icecream truck made an appearance and the "intruders" made off to get some icecream leaving Ro and Mowgli to their game.
Ro is happy and Mowgli is safe, all is well in the pretend world.

Scene 2:

Mowgli sees a bunch of kids scrambling up a big rock and with a leg up from me, joins them in the race to the top. I see Ro watching from the side ( bucket still in hand) and ask him
 Me : Do you want to go up ?
Ro: No.
Me : Why not? It will be fun !
Ro : Is it safe ?
Me : Yes, it is !
Ro : It is very high.
Me: Yes, but Ill help you.
Ro: If I fall, ill get hurt.
Me: You wont fall.
Ro: How will I come down ?
Me: I'll help you.
Me: Do you want to go up ?
Ro: No, Thank you.
Me: :) :) !

I imagine Ro and Mowgli growing up together like the good ol film heros. A good, studious boy and the rebel. I imagine Ro trying to caution Mowgli as he runs off on an adventure and I imagine Mowgli telling Ro, "come on, it will be fun". Who knows - roles might be reversed a decade from now ? But this is one story I would love to see the next season of !


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