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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Story-teller

"Who, what, where,
and why, amma, why ?"
The only answer I have
often, is just a sigh.

Some times I am tired
sometimes I try
often at a loss
to the question "Why?"

"Who makes the trees?
Why is tomorrow Monday?"
A forceful argument you make,
when you call the night, day !

"Lola is not at the park,
she is not well."
Fact or fiction ?
It's hard to tell.

You live out your stories
whats real anyway ?
A new life I live
with you everyday 

Every morning new
greeted with delight.
The night is long gone.
The past has taken flight.

The grass is colored pink 
and the flowers are green.
I am Alice in your wonderland
I am living out your dreams.

You take me with you,
as you seek out the stars
Over the rainbow
into the jungles deep afar.

Someday I will look back
at of all our stories and think
Of how all these years
went by in a blink

But today is precious
and we have many stories to churn,
I am all done here,
Now, its your turn !

To Mowgli who regales us with his tales.



  • Very nice..love your poems and miss your writing..


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:16 PM  

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