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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Urban Jungle Book. (Adventures of Mowgli and his Amma)

Yesterday was one of those glorious San Diego summer days and luckily one of those days when i could leave at 5 pm ( after planning to leave at 4:30 pm :) ). So off we went Mowglu and I to the fountains. I had to bribe him though with the promise of ice cream to come see the fountains - he only wanted to go to the park. As we were parking, he saw children playing in teh fountain and he says " I want to play in the fountain amma" :) . Alright then !!
The process of getting Mowgli out of the fountain was far more difficult. I had taken a change of clothes for him but unfortunately not for me !!! No amount of "Lets go eat ice cream" could get him out of the fountain. He was insistent "NO icecream, only fountain" :).

Soaking wet myself from trying to corner him in the fountain, I managed to drag him off hoping all that screaming would not make someone call the cops on me accusing me of abducting a child. He calmed down soon enough once he realised that there was no going back. He then wanted to go on the escalator ( Still "no icecream :) , only escatator" ) So we went a dozen times up and down the escalator to the amusement of passerbys. Finally, after much talking about how we still had time for the park, and the fact that Lola ( the friendly neighborhood dog ) was still there waiting for Mowgli, we made our way towards the parked car. I needed to fish my car keys out of the diaper bag, but could not risk leaving him loose in the parking lot for even a second ( he has run off once before to play hide and seek in the parking lot ), I plonked him on the trunk of the car and took 3 whole seconds to get my car keys out. In the meantime, finding this 3 second window of opportunity Mowgli the monkey quickly scrambled up to the roof of my car !!!! He stood there on top "I going moon amma". The only way I could drag him down was to climb up myself. "Please come down.." was just not cutting it. " Do you want Addi?" was replied with "No addi, i want Adda !" and a mischievous grin !!

A kind passerby with her daughter stopped and asked me "Do you need some help". I said "Yes, could you please tell him that you are from the police and you can take him away for doing this.". She smiled. Her young daughter tried talking our monkey out first. Then the lady, pretended to make a grab for him and said" Co me on down now!" in a strict tone. Akash was not scared but he was not amused either. He slowly walked over to the side where I was standing and I quickly grabbed him and pulled him down. I thanked the kind lady and proceeded to put him in the car seat. He said he wanted to buckle himself. Nothing new. He does that all the time so I said okay. Bad move. He jumped out of the car seat and into the driver seat. "I want to drive Amma Car." That was it. Ill leave it to your imagination to guess whether he got addis that day or addas, kicking and screaming he was buckled in and we went home. Mowgli did not scream all the way back home, in fact he quickly switched tactics and tried sweet talking his way into going to the park. Unfortunately for him, his Amma was not to be fooled again !!


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