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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bedtime stories

"No, This !" you point to amma and appas bed when asked if you would like to sleep with Effy and Fishies on your own bed. A couple of months ago you would hug effy and sleep. Amma, the first few days, missed you so much that in the wee hours of the morning would slowly crawl into your bed and try and snuggle with you and you would kick her out. Back from India and back from sickeness, you are now reluctant to go back to effy and fishies. And so we begin the process of shifting you into your own bed all over again.

Our bedtime routine starts with saying good night and good bye to everything. I mean everything. Bye blue and bye truck and bye *roar* bye *meow* bye door bye appa bye tatha bye stars bye choo choo bye blocks..nonstop till we reach our room. Then Amma religiously asks him every day "Shall we sleep with effy and fishies Mowgli" These days he says "No, This" pointing to our bed. Into bed and Mowgli picks out a few books from the stack on my bedside. It is pretty much the same 3 everynight. The truck book, the book of things for boys ( its has rockets too), and occasionally The very hungry Caterpillar or the Goodnight Moon book. Amma religiously every day suggests a different book only to hear "No, All done, This" pointing to the trucks. Then the lights go off and if we are lucky there is no fuss. Amma then sings him songs. Amma religiously starts with a new song only to be cut off with a "No, lalala..". In about 30 minutes.. amma is fast asleep. Sometimes Mowgli too.

All said and done , these days it is my favourite time of the day. When Mowgli has me all for himself and I have him all for me :) !

Years from today, Mowgli, you wont remember any of this. But Amma will. So you should know how much I love this and you do too, I write. My kitten !


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