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Monday, December 12, 2011

Peek over the shoulder

The year is wrapping up. She is all ready to check out and I am tallying the points to see what a deal she gave me this year.

1. My first full year as mom to a bundle of mischief. There were many many very happy days and quite a few hair splittingly frustrating ones. Some battles I lost, Some I won, some I have pushed off to next year. But all said and done, no regrets there. What I lost in the process cannot even compare to what I have gained with Mowgli.

2. Gained YIKES !! amount of pounds. The Summer came. Parents left. MOwgli started walking. I started gymming and I have lost YIPPEE pounds and inches. Now just the homestretch before I go back home again.

3. Re-started dancing with great fervour. Abandoned dancing in favour of spending weekends with Mowgli. A passion lost for a love even greater. But I miss it and next year I will be back to dance. I promise myself that.

4. Lost my job. A job that gave me my taste of financial independence, taught me innumerable work and life lessons, gave me great friends who I will always cherish. FOund a new one - new challenges, new lessons to learn and new friends to make.

5. Mowgli turned ONE. And what a party that was ! A week long celebration with his tatha and chithi and weekend with his cousin T !

6. Found a house that Coolboy, MOwgli and I fell head over heels in love with to call our own nest. Lost a couple of bids on other homes - but who cares !!

7. Welcomed baby Z and baby R into my mad mad world and became Maasi all over again.

8. V-Chithi said YES ! And MOwgli is delighted to have a new Chitappa in the family.

9. Our first family vacation - off we went to Costa Rica.

10. Above and beyond all things ever - Spent Diwali at home. Mowgli met Tatha and Jachi and Siya and all his chithis and Mamas this year.

Now that has been one hell of a sweet deal. Thank You Patti. I love you too.


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