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Monday, August 29, 2011

I am here.

Yesterday Mowgli climbed a new set of stairs. I stood 2 steps behind him, as he scampered up with confidence, trying to act all grown up and navigate the stairs without using his hands. He stopped suddenly and turned around and said "Mamma?". Searching, questioning, making sure I was around. "I am right here Kutti" I said as he went onward owning the stairs. I thought of my Amma and the comforting thought that she is always there. Maybe not standing 2 steps behind me, but standing with arms still outstreched to catch me when I fall 9000 miles away. I thought of Patti who is still right by me, to catch me when I fall a whole universe away. I wanted to tell Mowgli that I would always always be there even if he did not look. But he was busy climbing. When he reached the top he turned around and reached out and held my hand and demanded "Whoo" ( Help me walk down like a big boy ). I guess he knows. :)


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