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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A few of Mowgli's favourite things

Big cardboard boxes
and an empty milk carton
Crwaling after oranges
Looking cute as a button
Waking up amma at 6 every morning
There are a few of his favourite things

Children and people
Old and young alike
Every day at the park
with swings and slides
Trying to stand, with nothing to support him
These are a few of his favourite things

Oh when he is angry and not playing ball
Or if he is cranky for no good reason at all
Paper and plastic make perfect ploys
Mowgli is now a very good boy

Spoons and plates
making noise together
Climbing in and out
of laundry baskets forever
Wires and cables, especially the ones plugged in
These are are few of his favourite things

- Amma recording Mowgli's preferences at 7.5 months ! :)


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