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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The year that was.

What a year it was. What a decade it has been.

September 3rd 2000 - I bid adieu to everything familiar and said hello to America.

I was 21. I had lived in Bombay all of those years.
I was wide eyed and full of hope.
I was in a new place and had a clear plan in my head about how the years should unfold.
Life was yet to happen.

Dec 28th 2010 - :)

I am 31. I have lived in USA for 10 years and am an American citizen.
I miss home terribly but San Diego, Ca is also now home.
My career is not what I intented it to be, I love my work nonetheless.
I fell in love many more times than I thought I would.
I do not have that home with the white picket fence.
I never imagined Patti would not be there at my wedding or to hold my baby. Nothing hurts more. I miss her everyday.
I still have the same best friend(s). I have a few more now than I did then.
I have found friendship and love in the unlikeliest of places.
I have the most wonderful partner in crime and an adorable 5 month old baby.
I am wide eyed and full of hope.
Life is yet to happen.

Welcome 2011.


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