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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Chances and Choices

Today I am looking back on my life and at all the choices I made. I am one of those of the opinion that since I am very happy with the way my life in general has shaped up, I must have therefore made the right choices. Because each one of those choices slowly carved out my destiny such that I find myself here today. The opportunities I let go off or was too busy to notice do not count because then I would not probably be here and who I am today. Not to say that I would have ended up unhappy and worse off, or vastly better off, but I would not be here. At this place and time. At this co-ordinate on earth perhaps. Who knows ? But since by and large I am happy with myself, I should have no regrets.

Drawing sideways from that, regret is not as bad a word as people make it out to be. It does not mean that I dislike or look down on anything in my past. I use it to define the lingering feeling I have in my heart " What if .." or " I could have.." as opposed to " I am so sorry that I ..". Its all the unanswered questions of my life that I waved away dismissively. Some of those questions have come right back in my face. What now ?

Its sometimes not bad to have an open ended question thrown at you. As intimidating as it is to not have all the answers in life, it can be turned around and made into a goal, a quest. For in the process of finding out I hopefully will end up in a place from where, when I look back, I will have no regrets.


  • ha-ha.. during my 1st maternity leave I too was looking at choices made, but not in such a nice way. will talk more about it when we meet next.

    By Blogger Manali, at 3:09 PM  

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