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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About something.

About a girl.

A little girl, all of three. What did she love ? I am guessing, her mom, maybe Dora, PB&J and mosty all things bright and beautiful.

So a little girl
All of three
Decided one day
to play hide and seek.

She waited and waited
inside the den,
For someone to find her,
Or look for her even.

SOme nights came the moon
Every day the sun
She waited and waited
But from her home came no one.

She cried for her Mother
Tears staining her face,
Tired and hungry
It had been 31 days.

Many months later,
In the forest deep,
A stranger found the little girl,
Curled up and fast asleep.

Many years from now, will any one remember,
that little girl and her fate ?
Who waited and waited
Until it was a few minutes too late.

About a Mother.

How does the little girl's mother sleep ? Does she dream of the child that she brought to life ? Does she think about her when she is awake ? How does it matter what she may or may not be guilty of ? Her child went missing one day and I want to know how that mother sleeps. May be she doesnt. Maybe she lives. Maybe that is punishment enough.

PS: Casey Anthony is acquitted. I dont know if she is guilty. Everyone thinks she is. I just dont understand her. All I want to do is Hug little Caylee because no child deserves her fate.


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