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Friday, July 22, 2011

Faith & Joy

"You know Mowgli can now kick the ball."
"What do you mean ?"
"You know how we play catch. right.."
" You mean how you throw the ball at him and he sort of scuttles after it and brings it back.."
"And throws it back to me."
"No he does not"
"Ofcourse he does"
"He drops the ball and you clap"
"No thats not true,anyways, moving on, today I kicked the ball towards him and he went to the ball and kicked it back"
"By accident?"
"No, he was immitating me."
"No, he wasnt, it is a happy coincidence."
"Why dont you believe me ?"
"Did it happen more than once?"
"It happened twice !"
"Why do you think your son is a mini genius ?. He is not. Dont exaggerate his abilities"
"Well,if I dont, then who will? I am his mother."

Coolboy looks over at Mowgli who is busy balancing himself on the sofa and trying to stuff the ball into his mouth, wondering why it wont fit. He says " Come Mowgli, lets play some soccer!"

I smile.


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