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Friday, March 09, 2012

World of Colours

Mowgli talks to colours,
and they talk back to him.
Hello Blue, he says
With a huge wide grin.

Purple is his favourite,
Not so much the Red.
Bye Bye Yellow he says,
On his way to bed.

Orange is a strange one,
It is a colour and a fruit,
Sometimes he eats it, sometimes he feeds it,
Depending on his mood.

Green is special,
Because it stands for "GO".
Ask him about Black,
All you will get is an emphatic "NO" !

Colours love him too,
Especially the Pink,
She must find him adorable
and he knows that I think.

Life, my dearest kitten,
is full of different colours you know.
I hope yours comes together,
to make a big beautiful rainbow !

_ Ammma

For MOwgli @ 19 months. Just back from his "Chikki's" wedding and playing with "More Chikki's" and "More OOOs" and full of words that he is piecing together in his head. He loves talking to colours as much as he likes talking to the objects. He feeds them, takes them for rides in his stroller and says Good night to them. He has a world of friends unadultrated by knowledge and understanding. This poem in an ode to that pristine world of yours Mowgli.


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