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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Cheer !

Its rare when a bunch of things go wrong and I still am able to smile. Today was one of those days. Our stove exploded in the kitchen yesterday. No one was hurt. But we do have a non functional kitchen and a fat repair on our hands. Nanny called in sick this morning, the D-day at work. With no other option, I stayed home with MOwgli this AM. Took him out to a play gym, grabbed a cafe en route. MOwgli found a sunny spot and decided to go nuts with a few dozen balls. Throwing them kicking them with absolute glee as a soaked in the sun and watched him and a bunch of other kids play. Later this afternoon, my phone slipped and fell and cracked. At 9 pm I am still at work, waiting to be D.O.N.E. Nanny wont come in tomorrow either.

I am not bummed. I am not angry. Very unusual. Must be the holiday spirit. Must be the mad laughter from this morning. No stress, no regrets. I love the holidays !

Merry Merry Christmas !


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