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Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday was one of those days. Mowgli was in a foul foul mood. Nothing made him happy. He was wailing buckets for no good reason, throwing things, not eating and it was tantrum time. I was unusually patient. Keeping my anger in check, trying to make him happy. At one point , the point where he bit me hard for prying thermocol out of his mouth - yes you read that right, I was upset enough to make a call to Coolboy and say - you need to come home. It was one of those days. Angry and frustrated, I decided it was time for the cold treatment. I refused to talk to him for a while. Mowgli kept howling and I kept ignoring. Finally, Coolboy managed to calm him enough for me to feed him and we made our peace, hugged each other and went to bed.
I told coolboy - This has been the 3rd most trying evening as a mother for me. He said "it wont be the last". we laughed about it and made jokes about how difficult our life was getting.

Today I realise I was being petty and foolish. I stand humbled. Yesterday was a good day. My child is here with me - able to howl and scream and throw for no good reason and I am infinitely grateful for it.

PS: A little boy - all of two - a friend's baby is in the ICU waiting for a kidney transplant from his father. His mother asks for prayers. I know she will trade a million such tantrums in exchange for her baby's health. Who wouldn't ? If you are reading, please make a wish for him.


  • Such a touching post.. I can't agree more. Praying for that brave little fellow..

    By Blogger Arc, at 11:13 PM  

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