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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The boy who knew enough !

Mowgli is 2 months shy of 2. He talks a lot. A lot by his own standards. From inhcoherent babbles at 18 months to this point is a giant leap in our jungle :) ! He knows a few things now. Maybe not as much as some of the other kids his age but he knows a few things. He can sing a few rhymes, count a few numbers, he knows bees sting and that plants need water. He finally knows his ABCs. He does know a LOT of monkey tricks. He climbs with practiced ease, jumps fearlessly and runs with reckless abandon. He definitely knows what he likes, what he wants and what he will not do, no matter how much I plead. He knows the only way to the moon is a rocket and someday Winnie the Pooh and he will make a trip up there.
He knows his "Appi", Pattis and Tathas, and can pick them out from a picture. He points at the picture of his Kollu Tatha and Patti and says "Tatha and Patti". I know he has met her. I know that of all the shooting stars in the sky, she picked him for me. Most importantly, Mowgli knows who his "Chikki's" are. He knows them by name, he knows them by their voice. I think he knows enough.


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