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Monday, March 16, 2015


The homecoming. 

I come home appa, carrying a heavy heart. 
I come home for you, to do my bit part. 

I have left behind everything else that is me.
I bring home just your daughter you see.

For even though I always knew, now surer than ever, I know.
You were my strength always, what's left of it, and will be for ever more. 

You are everything in me that is good and kind
You are the only faith I carry in my heart and mind.

You are the courage with which I tackle every strife
Your unflinching devotion to us, still powers my life.

You are my roof, my shelter, my sky,
You are the comfort on a stormy night.

You are part of every memory I carry, old and new.
I exist, because I love you.

If I ever had to live again, I would without a second thought.
But only if you were my appa again, otherwise not.


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